Setting up the PaCT

The set up process is a one-off task that is done the first time you logon to the PaCT. The module Getting set up and the Setup [PDF, 2.3 MB] section of the PaCT User Guide will help you.

The set up process:

  • Takes about 40 minutes;
  • Must be completed before other staff can log on;
  • Includes:
    • setting user access levels;
    • automating with the SMS;
    • inviting leaders and teachers to use the PaCT;
    • setting up groups (if required);
    • setting reporting cycle dates (if required);
    • NB update ENROL before you start;

If you are the Administrator check that you have:

  • The school information you need – see the Pre setup checklist [PDF, 341 KB] 
  • Education Sector logons for all users including yourself;
  • An Email from the Education Service Desk with a link to log on to the PaCT;
  • An invitation code provided by the Education Service Desk when you phoned them;
  • (If you haven’t got an invitation code ring 0800 422 599).

Click on the Getting set up module below to practice the set up. Then click on the link in your invitation Email, enter the invitation code, login(external link) to the PaCT, and start the setup process.

Call the Ministry of Education Service Desk if you want over-the-telephone support to guide you through the process 0800 422 599.

Launch Getting setup module