Administration for the PaCT

Administration tasks for the PaCT include:

Managing changes to reporting cycles:

  • Check annually to ensure PaCT reporting cycles are complete before teachers start writing reports.

Managing data from ENROL:

  • Your school can only make judgments for students that are officially enrolled. Make sure ENROL is up to date with leavers or new arrivals.
  • ENROL sends a weekly file to the PaCT. We recommend you check the ENROL data weekly.

Data to and from the Student Management System (SMS):

Managing users:

  • You can change a teacher’s level of access
  • You may need to add new users or remove teachers who have left

Managing groups of students:

Managing Student Data:

  • Information from ENROL or your SMS may need to be checked and validated in the PaCT. The PaCT will notify you if there is data that needs attention.

For further guidance download the Administration [PDF, 1.2 MB] and Notifications [PDF, 721 KB] sections of the User Guide [PDF, 8.3 MB].